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The MBDA is all about contributing to positive change in The Bay and we can’t do that without engaging with the people who live in it.
Have your say on the issues that affect you and your community.

We at the MBDA, tasked by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s Joint Operations Committee on Drought Mitigation, are eager to hear from you on how we can best serve you in covering the current Water Crisis. We acknowledge the attention and dedication of resources that media owners and newsrooms have allocated to shaping and telling the story on day zero, however we feel, by understanding your needs, we will enable you to do even more. Please kindly take a few moments to give us your feedback, and we will endeavor to do more to meet your expectations.

Join in on the #MBDAConversation with our host Asiphe Mxalisa, where we will be focusing on “ Digital Jobs, Digital Economy, Digital Future”.
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Programme available to all Grade 9 – 12 learners.
Application deadline date: Friday, 17 June 2022
Please note that submissions will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.
Only 109 students will be accepted.

The Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA), on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is calling for submissions of concepts and ideas by artists interested in producing a public artwork on the St.Peters land in South End.

Have YOUR say in our city's future!

The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) covers our Municipality’s strategic plan for the next 5 years.

This focuses on the commitment and requirements of the Administration to lead the City towards a post-COVID recovery, including:

✅ Mitigating the impacts of the devastating drought
✅ Ensuring service delivery
✅ Improving financial stability
✅ Increasing economic opportunities

Join in on the #MBDAConversation with our host Chris Whyte, where we will be focusing on developing, understanding and unpacking the circular economy throughout Africa.
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Official Opening of Helenvale Barcelona Youth Centre

This invitation is extended to various stakeholders, in and around Helenvale, the NGO sector and creative industry. To attend, please make sure to submit your details via these zero rated / free data websites on, or by 12h00 on the 7th of April.

MBDA - St. Peter’s Precinct Project, Stakeholders Update

This invitation is extended to all those who live, work, or operate businesses, properties, environmental, heritage, or non-profit associations, and anyone else who identifies as a stakeholder around South End and Baakens Valley.


The 3rd Annual Career Summit - Preparing students for the 21st century workplace

The aim of the career summit is to expose learners to the different career paths and career opportunities within their respective areas and provide a platform for knowledge sharing where learners interact with industry, learning institutes and other relevant organisations, as well as, provide information on access to learnerships, scholarships and funding opportunities across the various business and public sectors.

Need a venue, big or small?


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Recycled Waste Product Expo

The Mandela Bay Development Agency is looking for #ActiveCitizens – from South Africa – to engage with us on recycling and to get creative by turning #Trash2Treasure and submitting products or art pieces made from recycled waste!

This is your opportunity to showcase your creative skills and share your ideas.

MBDA Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey

The MBDA was conceptualised by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and is a wholly owned entity of the NMBM. It was created in 2003 following an acknowledgement by the city’s leadership of the urgent need to reverse a trend towards urban decay in the inner city and to drive urban regeneration in the Nelson Mandela Bay CBD and other designated areas.

Since then, the mandate area has been expanded to include several key township projects, with the aim of transforming urban spaces to activate economic activity, create job opportunities and reshape urban development.

Considering the changing global operating environment, including technological, political and socio-economic shifts, entities like the MBDA must continue to evaluate the role they play in order to stay relevant and effective. This Stakeholder Engagement survey is a means to glean from you, the Stakeholder, what your thoughts and experiences are in relation to your engagements with the MBDA, as well as your aspirations.

Lower Baakens Zipline Project (Heritage Investigation)

The MBDA would like to invite you to participate in a short survey to gather your opinion and feedback on the stakeholder summary report regarding the Heritage Investigation of Fort Frederick and related structures on erf 3596, Central, Port Elizabeth. The application specifically relates to the proposal for the installation of a Zipline at the above-mentioned site. This survey will ensure that stakeholders are given the opportunity to provide their comments which will be collated and form part of the final submission.  

New Brighton Project

This survey would like to get your opinions about the New Brighton area – how you feel about the area, what opportunities there are for development. What needs to be improved or fixed, and which new projects could be introduced into the area. The responses you give will help to inform the MBDA’s current and future activities in the New Brighton area.