MBDA Surveys

The MBDA would like to invite you to participate in a short survey to gather your opinion and feedback on the stakeholder summary report regarding the Heritage Investigation of Fort Frederick and related structures on erf 3596, Central, Port Elizabeth. The application specifically relates to the proposal for the installation of a Zipline at the above-mentioned site. This survey will ensure that stakeholders are given the opportunity to provide their comments which will be collated and form part of the final submission.

The Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) has been mandated to facilitate the implementation of a number of projects in the Baakens River Precinct. In 2014, the MBDA commissioned a plan for the redevelopment of the Precinct. The rich green, built, and cultural heritages within the precinct, offers the opportunity to develop a tourism and leisure product that can contribute to the tourism offering of the city. 

During 2019, the potential of establishing a Zipline within the Baakens Valley Precinct was tested through a feasibility study and a business plan. Several potential route layouts were identified, but due to restraining factors (e.g. environmental constraints), the final route was selected to be between two functional nodes, Fort Frederick and the Lower Baakens Valley; both sites, and their surrounding areas, form part of the broader development. 

As part of the project it is our intention to upgrade and enhance the aesthetic environment, specifically addressing current challenges, such as cleaning, maintenance, and security of the precinct. We envision the Zipline as a unique element, catering for a unique experience to young and old, locals and tourists, by creating a combination of adventure and beautiful natural scenery.

Download – Heritage Report to Stakeholders